Mike Kitson LRPS

Hi and welcome to my website.

I am a avid photographer based in Cumbria, UK; right on the edges of both the Lake District and the Yorkshire Dales and have a passion for creating memorable photographs.  On this website you will see examples of the sort of photos I enjoy making - feel free to browse through the Portfolio pages.  As you will see my photographic interests cover a wide variety of subjects and types from Landscape, Travel, some Street and then to the more esoteric in the form of Abstract photography.  I don't believe that I have just one particular type - I love all forms of photography, although I admit that I find Portraits the hardest and possibly the ones I am least interested in.

I have been taking photos ever since I can remember, however it is only in the last 10 years that I have been getting gradually more and more serious about it both as a hobby and potentially a profession.  Moving from film to digital in 2010 opened up vast areas of potential for me, and joining Holme and District Photographic Society a few years ago really opened up my eyes to what I could do - and what I wanted to do.  In 2018 I challenged myself to achieve the first level of distinction with the Royal Photographic Society (Licentiateship); this meant that I really had to start to think very seriously about not just what I took pictures of but how I did it and how I post-processed the images.  The great news came at the start of December 2018 when I achieved that goal.  Now onwards towards the next level (Associate).

Having started to take this photography lark seriously my equipment has changed and grown!  My "main" camera system is a Canon 5D MKIII  full-frame digital SLR and with it I use a variety of lenses from an ultra wide-angle (8-15mm) through to a Sigma 150 - 600mm telephoto zoom; however the main lens that I use is a 24 - 105mm.  Finding all of that a little bulky for some holidays and trips (especially city ones) I have a Fuji XT-1 with lens from 23mm through to 200mm.  I also have a Fuji E1 that has been converted to Infra-red. I also use my iPhone X, especially for many of my abstract images. I use Lee Filters and currently a Manfrotto 190 tripod.

post-process my images using Adobe Lightroom Classic CC and occasionally put some finishing touches in using Adobe Photoshop CC (minimal as I am still getting to grips with this and finding it quite complicated).  I have also recently started to print my own images and use an Epson P600 A3+ printer. h When using the iPhone I tend to use combinations of Snapseed, PhotoSplit and Enlight Apps.

On this site you will find a range of my own images, and I would be happy to have a conversation with you should you be interested in purchasing any of them, either as digital images or as prints.  I am also very keen on helping others find their own way in photography so I offer a number of two-day workshops, based in city locations.  These are designed to help beginners move from "point and shoot" (especially in Auto or Programme Modes) to having more control over their image by using  Aperture or Shutter Priority.  I also offer opportunities for visitors to Cumbria to access some of the classic photographic locations by means of one-day tours.  Both of these can be found under the EVENTS tab in the menu at the top of this screen.

Cumbria, UK


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