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Welcome to my website.  I'm Mike Kitson, Outdoor Photographer and Questioner!  

If there is one thing that defines me, it is that I ask questions!  This is something that I think I have always done, whether openly or in my head.  This is why I enjoyed reading so much because it opened me to new experiences and prompted questions, and then more questions – indeed one of my favourite stories as a child was from Rudyard Kipling’s “Just So Stories” – “The Elephant’s Child”; just like him I ‘suffer’ from “satiable curtiosity” (asking ever so many questions).



It is this seeking answers to questions that motivates me – as I have grown older, I find myself preferring things that are not immediately understandable.  Things that you perhaps don’t quite get the first time and have to think about more in order to understand or make sense of.  For example, I prefer forms of abstract and surrealist art to ‘simple’ portraits or landscapes.  That is not to say that I don’t like looking at such pictures, on the contrary I can fully appreciate them and the effort that goes into making them, however an abstract piece of art has the power to stop me in my tracks and make me ask – “What is meant here?  What does this say?”  My tastes in music follow similar patterns – I like Jazz and the sort of music that demands to be listened to, and listened to closely, in order to understand it better.  Or, again, I would privilege books that introduce me to new concepts and each of these would drive me onwards and deeper, sometimes down rabbit holes into areas that I did not understand (or sometimes like); but even this non-understanding would lead me onwards.

Mike Kitson
Photographer & Questioneer
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