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Answers - To Your Questions

If you currently have more questions than current answers  then I may be able to help you to discover appropriate solutions, and probably help generate more questions for you!

I've been actively involved in adult learning for over 35 years, working with managers and leaders from blue chip organisations to help them to develop the skills, knowledge and confidence to be better at what they do.   I have specialised in both personal and leadership development; and these are both areas in which photography can help to provide metaphors.  You do not need any technical expertise, and we all carry cameras with us all the time - its just how we use them to help us to explore the world around us.

I offer three main services:

  • Learning about photography, its processes and techniques

  • Personal coaching to help develop you further, especially as a leader.

  • Guiding - where are the best places to go in order to take the sort of images you want to make


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Mike Kitson
Photographer & Questioneer
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