First of Many?

A New Dawn

Welcome to my website and this my first Blog posting - albeit a short one! The purpose of my website is to provide a showcase for something that is currently a hobby, but that I hope to gradually transform into a business. Whilst I would be more than happy to sell all/any of my images (and please contact me if you are interested in either a digital or print format copy); I recognise that there is very little business to be done in that area - unless your name is Charlie Waite, Colin Prior, Joe Cornish etc (sorry guys).

Consequently, what I hope to be doing is to create some workshops for new photographers, and those who wish to improve. This will build upon my 35 year background in Training and Development; I also have other ideas for using photography as a medium and metaphor within Leadership and Personal development work (again contact me if interested).

I am also creating some "Photographic Safaris" in the English Lake District; these will be aimed, primarily at tourists who want to see and take images of some of the iconic photo locations that we have up here. Most, if not all, coach or minibus tours either don't/can't get to some of these locations or that you just don't stop long enough to take some great shots.

Details of all of these will be here on the site as they become available.


Cumbria, UK


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